How can you help

Why help the abused women and children?
By saving an abused woman’s life, you also save her children’s life. Forasmuch as a child whose mother is killed by domestic violence will be a traumatized child all his/her life. A child who sees his/her mother beaten is shocked, horrified, frightened, (s)he might believe (s)he is guilty for what is happening. If the mother accepts this situation for a long time and does not take action to get out of the abuse-generating situation, the child will end up accepting the abuse and understanding it as a normal thing, which (s)he will probably copy, by his/her behavior, at maturity. Not to mention that, sometimes, both mother and children are beaten. The law considers the minors who witness abuse as victims of abuse themselves. What they really are.
By donating, you help us give these women an alternative to the tormented life they have led, show them there is another kind of life, in which you have peace, you enjoy your work and your children, you see the beauty all around and you are willing to live in a nice and agreeable manner, without aggression, scandal, suffering.
The important thing is for you to really want to help, because the ways you can do it are varied and together we will definitely find the best way to bring your contribution to the cause, either financially, or by promotion and awareness for the Association and its projects.

Companies can make legal donation, under the Romanian Sponsorship Law. Our association is enrolled into the national Register of entities and cult units for which tax deductions are granted. For offering a donation, it must be signed a sponsorship contract. More about NGOs legislation in Romania, here:

You can donate, an unique donation or a recurrent/monthly donations, here:


Become a fundraiser
If you want to actively help the Association, become a fundraiser for us and raise funds for the abused women. We will teach you how to achieve this with substantial results and we will support you, by providing information and other necessary resources. All you need is motivation and dedication.
Here are some simple ways in which you can help:

  • become a fundraiser on the Galantom website for a project of the Association:
  • organise at your company, a charitable event (a fair of homemade cakes and juices, an auction of products brought by colleagues, charitable parties where your colleagues pay a ticket, a football tournament with registration etc…)
  • organise at home, with your friends, various creative fundraising events. You will have fun and help at the same time.
  • take part to an art training workshop organise by association, (painting, drawing) and help the women.

Become an ambassador
You can become an ambassador of “Flowers’ Whisper” Association, promoting the Association and its projects, as well as associating your image with the cause of the Association and our goals.

Corporate volunteering
The employees of a company can support an abused family, by organizing charitable events inside the company, or by participating in sporting events, such as marathon, etc….
The Company can invite the Association to participate in various fairs organised within its precincts on holidays, on the 8th of March etc…

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