The abuse exists when the education is missing. That’s why the association is promoting the education against violence and teaches children and adults to change their mentality and comportment.


In order to fight against violence, we develop informative and awareness campaigns for population, teaching adults and children about the destructive effects of violence in children life, destructive results for the family life, for psychical life. We try to makes parents to drop of any kind of violence form used against children and find other creative and normal methods to educate them and we teach children to solved conflicts using the thinking and communication. The campaigns try also to correct the abuser aggressive comportment with the involvement of experts in medical, psychological, field, etc… The human rights awareness level can be increased through legislative education, teaching especially disadvantaged people, with no education or money, at risk of discrimination, which are the rights that law is giving them and how they can access it.

We want that child’s rights to be respected and the first European principle -the supreme interest of children – to primate in all decisions. The children’s’ rights must be known by parents, teachers and all the experts which are working daily with children through their profession. The parents must to know to protects their children asking for justice when their children’s’ rights are violated.

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