About us

“Flowers’ Whisper” Association help abused women and children, victims of domestic violence and of human trafficking, promotes education and fight for human rights.


We must learn to live normally. The abuse is not normal. For us, the abuse may be even an inappropriate manner of addressing. The abuse occurs when education is lacking.
We support the abused women, victims of domestic violence and of human trafficking, by offering them assistance, protection and social reintegration services, to continue their life in peace and fulfillment. We don’t take into account religion, race, color, nation, sexual orientation, but we don’t accept in the program criminally convicted persons. We show the abused women, victims of domestic violence, a different kind of life, which they can choose. We offer them the real chance to get out of an abusive relationship that endangers their life and endangers their children’s future, if they really want this and there is no chance of reconciliation and of healing the relationship, in the family.

The team of the Association consists of specialists in various fields of expertise: psychology, medicine, legal sciences, project management, marketing and communication, IT and administrative staff (chef, driver, maid, administrator of the Centre).

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