ZERO DEGREE Rapid Intervention Program
ZERO DEGREE Rapid Intervention Program addresses the abused women, victims of domestic violence, with a complex, niche social service, which deals with the situation holistically, approaching the victim’s individual need from several angles: safety, protection, psychic rehabilitation, individual plan of relocation and social reinsertion, professional reconversion and assistance in obtaining employment.
ZERO DEGREE Rapid Intervention Program offers the victims of domestic violence included in the program, a professional system of intervention that comprises four stages.

First stage: Emergency intervention
Taking the victim from the risk environment, moving her in “Flowers’ Whisper” Centre for Abused Women, where she will attend a therapeutic and soul recovery program, through the activities conducted within the Centre. The emergency intervention is the first step in the program, which every woman accepted by the Association as a project beneficiary will take.

Second stage: Individual plan of recovery and reintegration
Formation of an individual recovery and reintegration plan for every woman, which includes solutions specific to her needs. The plan includes providing medical assistance, legal assistance, hiring a lawyer or paying a judicial executor, vocational counselling, a (re)qualification course, extremely well elaborated plans of relocation and employment.

Third stage: Relocation and social reinsertion
The victim’s actual relocation and employment. This period of the project also includes the granting of a financial aid for the payment of the rent and utilities, as well as food and transportation allowance, for a certain period of time, if the woman is relocated in Romania.

Fourth stage: Follow-up
The relocated victim will be monitored for a period of one year, but she shall stay in contact with the Association for at least three years after leaving the Centre.

The women’s enrolment in the program is made after a careful evaluation of themselves and of their situation, by a panel of members of the Association and only after signing a contract with them. Every woman will have a case file, which will include personal information, where the therapeutic process will be monitored and not only. The data in the file are confidential.
The period during which a woman can be resident of “Flowers’ Whisper” Centre varies from one situation to another, depending on the complexity of the case and on the woman’s needs, but we try to solve the problems within 6 months.
Upon leaving the Centre, every woman will be evaluated by a Commission made up of a psychiatrist, an orthopaedist and a general medical practitioner and she will be issued a medical certificate clearly stipulating whether the woman is fit to be socially reintegrated and to be employed.
The social services which the women enrolled in the project will benefit from, are the following:
Accommodation for a period of maximum 6 months
Full board meal
Personal-hygiene kits and a package of clothing and footwear
Individual and group psychological counselling
Legal counselling
Vocational counselling
Formation of an individual plan for the victim’s social reinsertion
Art therapy
Hikes, relaxation techniques
Rest and soul healing in 5-star conditions
A course of qualification/requalification for the victims who don’t have a profession or a qualification
Emergency transportation to and from the Centre, in safety and protection conditions
Psychological, psychiatric and medical evaluation performed by a Commission, before leaving the Centre
Payment of the trial fees, of the lawyer’s fee and of the bailiff’s
Help in the employment process (CV, approaches to the recruitment companies and so on…)
For the victims who will be relocated in our country:
Incurring the rent for a period of 3 months
Payment of the pass to ensure their transport to work, for 3 months
Monthly allowance for food or even food for a period of 3 months

Magical Bird Project
The Magical Bird Project is intended for the trafficked women and girls who need sanctuary throughout the trial, in order to be away from any threat from the traffickers and to be able to testify in the trial against them.
The US State Department specifies, in an official report sent to the Romanian Government, on combatting human trafficking in Romania, that throughout the trial the victims remain unprotected, which is why many of them choose to no longer testify or even to withdraw their accusation. The report also shows that the authorities did not meet the minimal standards in several key areas. The document mentions that the failure to offer NGOs sufficient funding for assistance and protection services has been an ongoing issue, leaving most victims unprotected, at risk of suffering new trauma, or without services and hence vulnerable to new acts of human trafficking, and the bureaucratic procedures continued to block the victims’ access to medical care, as mentioned in the Report of the US State Department for Romania on the situation of human trafficking for the year 2018.
The Magical Bird Project offers high-quality services for these victims and protects them. The project functions in collaboration with the State structures involved in combatting human trafficking, which is why the location where the victims are accommodated is secreted and known by very few persons.

Art for the Sake of Woman
Art for the Sake of Woman is a project of “Flowers’ Whisper” Association, developed in partnership with A Different Type of Art online community and with artists throughout the world, who donate artworks to be sold for the abused women’s benefit.
The concept is innovative and involves a unique collaboration between artists, art promoters and a charitable cause – the abused women’s cause. Art becomes the binder that unites people through its beauty and heals wounds caused by domestic violence and human trafficking, bringing the necessary funds for offering high-quality social services to the women in distress.
The project is developed in the online and offline environment.
In the online environment, through direct sale or auction of the artworks donated by artists, in the Association’s online shop, displayed on its website and on its Facebook page. Link towards the online shop: http//:
In the offline environment, by organising exhibitions for sale and art events, meant to raise funds for the Association’s projects.
The project started in September 2019, with an online auction and with an exhibition for sale organised on the 2nd-3rd of September 2019, at Vega Hotel in Mamaia, county of Constanta, but it will continue with numerous art events organised in Bucharest, in the country and probably abroad, too.
So far, 33 artists from Romania, Bosnia, Great Britain, Israel, USA, Germany, Denmark have joined the project.

Hall of Fame and Generosity, with the artists who donated artworks, unique clothing items, toys and handmade jewellery:
Ellectra, UK
Marko Barisic, Bosnia
Marijana Loncar Desancic, Bosnia
Noa Tam, Israel
Livia Radu din Statele Unite ale Americii
Cristina Dan, Danemarca
Sara Travici, Germania
Florin Liviu, UK
Trick Patrick
Viviana Aftenie
Maria Teodorescu
Ovidiu Felipov
Ana Maria Zgubea
Cristina Mazărean
Mădălina Jiji
Sinziana Romanescu
Aurel Constantin Păduraru
Răzvan Dumitru
Antonio Bagio
Alexandru Serbănescu
Lelia Rus Pîrvan
Teona Sîrbu
Vero Dia
Mihai Flueraru
Cristian Ogredof
Urkon Elemer
Andrei Doru
Nazarie Anca
Raina Stefanov
Cristian Hancu
Gabriela Licu
Bunica Atnat

Project 10 for Life
To be or not to be
To be or not to be is a project dedicated to the family.
Seven families who experience domestic violence and don’t get along anymore, together with their children, will live for 10 days in “Flowers’ Whisper” Centre. The men will live in one building, the women and children in the other building. The total number of persons who will be enrolled in the project is 42, including 14 adults and 28 children. The number of children may vary.
For 10 days, the couples will do daily therapy with two psychologists and will discuss with a psychiatrist. They will try to discover the cause of their problems, in a relaxed setting, in five-star accommodation and meal conditions, in an area with fresh air, rich vegetation, all conducive to rest and mental relaxation. The couples and their children will take part in a strict program, which includes trips, sightseeing, relaxation techniques, art therapy. At the end of the 10 days, the commission of expertise will come to each family in the project with a clear conclusion and recommendation, whether there is a chance of reconciliation and rapprochement, or there is no such chance.

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